About MCC

A miniature world should also include moving cars. Dinamo / MCC (Model Car Control) is a solution to control modelcars on very natural speed and with functional lights. With Dinamo / MCC every car has an addressable decoder. The decoder controls the motor, lights and other functions of the car. The cars are under full control of a computer (PC). The PC receives and sends messages about the position of the cars, which are used to control them.



The "steering" of the car (the determination of the direction) is done using a magnetic strip in the road surface. A magnet on the steering axle of the car follows this magnetic strip.

Since cars are equipped with (rubber) tires, there is no electrical contact between the car and the road. This has two consequences. On the one hand, this means the car has to take along its own fuel. Therefore they are equipped with batteries. On the other hand, there is no way to send commands from the computer via a conductive connection to the cars. So wireless communication is needed.
For wireless communication, the road is equipped with a radio system. This transmission system is located below the surface of the road and is therefore completely invisible. The transmission system is very simple and inexpensive to make by yourself: it consists of only two copper wires that are processed in the road or, if the road is thin enough, to be placed under the road.

The decoder in the car is equipped with a receiver that receives and processes signals from the transmission system in the road. So MCC does NOT work with infra-red and is therefore insensitive to infra-red interference signals, light influences or blockages of the line of sight.
The road is also equipped with position sensors. These are reed switches activated by the steering magnet when placed properly in the road. Using these messages, the PC can trace every car and drive carefully.